Steve parvin


Steve Parvin; actor, writer, half-assed historian, world traveller, motorcyclist; returns after a long hiatus from the film industry to play the role of Joe Beckett. Steve's had a love for film, literature, theater, and the arts from a young age. He's worked in the Old Globe Shakespeare Theater in San Diego, numerous off broadway plays in New York, some theaters in San Francisco, and feature films in Los Angeles and abroad. He also wrote the screenplay for Destination Unknown.

Joe Beckett

EMIlie Grant


Emilie is an avid international traveller, having lived abroad in various countries such as South Africa, Morocco, Togo, France and other locations. With a career in international development, Emilie has the broadest of horizons. As a thespian throughout her younger years, Emilie’s accomplishments include productions in theater, televised commercials and films including an extra role in The Parent Trap. In Emilie's spare time, she continues to improve her skills as a model, as well as expand her portfolio in underwater modeling. Her mermaid work has included open water shoots in the beautiful Bahamas. When not jet-setting across the country, Emilie enjoys tucking into a good historical fiction or Western book with a hot cup of tea. Salud!


Marc NAlly


Marc is an American Actor, grew up in The Midwest and attended Ohio State University. He has been on Stage, TV, and Film and also performing as a Voiceover Artist for various projects. He has successfully portrayed a wide range of intriguing characters from numerous backgrounds, both on screen and in the theater. Some of his more recent projects have been “FOOD” (2017), American Bikini (2018), and Big Trouble at Barney's (2018). 

Robert Dyson



Chloë is an Australian-born American actress who has appeared in several independent films ranging from drama and romance, to thrillers and horror. An adventurous free spirit she has traveled extensively and has enjoyed riding horses all her life. Chloë is also an art model and she is a great advocator of empowering women through artistic expression of their bodies via photography and film. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she is also working on producing several film projects.

Brooke Dyson

Katie Rosaasen


Katie fell in love with acting at a young age; the first film she remembers seeing as a child was Dirty Dancing. She’s been in numerous productions of theater, independent films, commercials, modeling, and is most known for her music video work in the 2000s. Her most famous project being Linkin Park’s “Crawling.” She then took a hiatus to raise her four beautiful children and is now back to pursue her passion.


Courtney Sims


“I am the most stylish, coolest, funniest and toughest brotha you'll ever meet! I began acting at the age of 9 at the Karamu house children's theatre learning improv then as a teen at the Cleveland playhouse where I performed in numerous plays learning and honing my craft on stage. After serving my time in the U.S. Navy, I originally went to school for business but was offered a small role in Pain and Gain and that ultimatlly brought the acting bug back after meeting Dwyane Johnson(the Rock). So, I joined the Theatre department at Alabama State University where I would help put together and perform in numerous plays such as A Raisin in the Sun as Walter Lee, Othello and Macbeth all as the lead. Earning my MFA in Theatre I began doing plays around the LA area including my own one man show produced and directed by me entitled Courtney Sept 10th 2001. In 2016 played the role of Todd in the film Disconnect which won multiple film festivals most notable at the Onios International film festival in Italy. Returned to the stage and landed the lead in Fences and received rave reviews for his portrayal of Troy then the Merchant of Venice as the Prince of Morocco and Paris in Troilus and Cressida. Now looking to make my mark in film as I did on the stage I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team of Destination Unknown.” 


Tal Chatterjee


Tal is very new to LA! She graduated high school early to move here by herself. She has been acting on the East Coast since she was 14, appearing in films from NYC to ATL. She’s a free spirit who loves art in all its forms. She’s very excited to get to work on this project!


Monnie Aleahmad


An award winning actor and director from Chicago, based in the Los Angeles area, Monnie Aleahmad is known for his appearances on camera in films, commercials, webseries, TV pilots, music videos, and YouTube sketches; on stage in scripted roles and improv shows; and voicing commercials, films, audiobooks, and podcasts. Monnie is often recognized for his honest dramatic performances as well as his unique brand of humor. He studied acting and improv College of DuPage and at various prestigious acting schools in Chicago. Monnie is African American and Persian and speaks both English and Farsi, a result of having spent most of his teens living in Tehran, Iran.


Alexandra Ximena Milla


Alexandra Ximena Milla is a first-generation Peruvian-American actress. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2017, where she studied primarily film & media theory, as well as Russian language & culture. She spent a year abroad studying at the British American Drama Academy in London, where she realized her passion for acting & her ambition to pursue it professionally. In between auditions, she can be found writing (mainly poetry), obsessing over true crime, and watching her favorite films.

Wendy Dyson

JD Scalzo


JD Scalzo is an actor, writer, & producer based in Los Angeles with roots in New York City and San Francisco. He is the creator & star of ‘jaded’ now streaming on Vimeo and Roku via ZPTV. He stars in the psychological thriller Devil's Path (Breaking Glass Pictures) coming to theaters March 1st for a limited release. The film earned him an Audience Award for Best Supporting Actor for it's premiere at FilmOut San Diego. He is also featured in the independent drama The Broken Rose and is a series regular on the Revry original series, Gay Husbands of San Francisco. A native of Connecticut and a graduate of Wagner College in New York City, he's worked theatrically coast to coast, and most recently in the world premiere of warplay at New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco, which earned him a second SF Bay Area Theatre Critic's Circle award nomination for Best Principal Actor.

Ian Udo

Cecil Jennings


"Hi! My name is Cecil, I’m an actor based in LA and I’m very excited to get to work on Destination Unknown. I’m originally from Jacksonville Florida, go jags, and I studied acting at Florida State University, go Noles. Thanks for all of the support!"


Josh Han


Josh Han is a Los Angeles based actor from Washington D.C. metropolitan area. He has worked as an actor and stuntman on the Netflix series, Marco Polo and he recently did stunts on the movie Alita: Battle Angel, produced by James Cameron. Recently he played a supporting role in a short which debuted at the NBC Short Film Competition which won Best Drama. He is also a voice over actor and has done work for video game companies such as Ubisoft, Activision, and Sucker Punch Productions. Prior to acting he graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a Communication degree. One of the first and most memorable gigs Josh has booked was on the hit reality TV show on Animal Planet called Hillbilly Handfishin. He caught 2 fish, a turtle, all with his hands, and he still has all his fingers. He is managed by Scott Eriksson of Asian Cinema Entertainment and repped by Arlene Thornton and Associates for commercial and voice over.


Jamie Lincoln Jr


Jamie Lincoln Jr. is an American actor and musician. In late 2017, he felt his interests shift from the music sphere to the dramatic arts. He started performing on the screen and eventually decided to pursue an acting career on a professional level. Since then, Jamie has landed an agent, and a slew of commercial, television, and film gigs. He started to gain some experience by performing in several extra roles. He was often noted due to his charisma, natural talent, and hard-working attitude, so it didn’t take long for him to move up the ranks. Not long after he started working in the film industry, Jamie scored his breakout role in a Netflix feature directed by McG. After his first major role, Jamie has been continuously working in film and television. He has been in seven shorts, and three indie feature films to date. Some notable pieces include “I Too Am American”, “The Bug In The Wheel”, and “Slashing On By”, to mention but a few. Jamie has worked on various television productions, including “Ivory of Obsession” and “I Almost Got Away With It.” On top of this, he has done a wide variety of commercial, voice-over, and theater work.


Lane Wray


Lane Wray's love for acting started in the theatre in his native state of North Carolina. After appearing in many regional and community productions there, he subsequently moved to New York City to study and audition. Averaging at least a couple of plays per year over the next ten years, ranging from classical (Hamlet, Romeo) to contemporary, he honed his craft while bartending and catering to make ends meet. At the recommendation of a theater director, he was cast in his first film in 2000. Lane has called Los Angeles home since 2006. He has several short films coming out this year including the thriller "Rest Stop" with Seven Faces Films. He has also signed on for a horror feature with Seven Faces which commences production in 2019.

Terry Chalmers

Presley Weber


Teenage actress and singer Presley Weber just moved to Los Angeles from San Antonio, Texas, to pursue her lifelong dream of acting full time. She has been performing her whole life, starring in plays, musicals, independent films, and television series pilots. She has also worked as a princess character performer for children’s parties/events for four years. Before moving, she spent her summers in LA training, working in film, and studying film abroad in Eastern Europe. Aside from acting, she enjoys all aspects of the arts and explores her creativity by playing guitar, painting, and dancing.

Colette Beckett

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