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Updated: Mar 20, 2019


Crawford Banks the Director of Destination Unknown gives a brief introduction to the film.

An unauthorized written perspective of Crawford Banks, Director & Producer, and Steve Parvin, Writer & Producer of Destination Unknown

Article written by: Brooke Adair Walters, Producer.

The journey of the film Destination Unknown began, not with the script, or the production, but with the creators & visionaries, Crawford Banks, a 20 year old student, and Steve Parvin, a 59 year old former filmmaker-turned-family man. Though they may seem to be an odd match on the surface, anyone who has spent any amount of time with them understands that the two complement one another. Both natural entertainers and storytellers their humor and banter make it easy to lose a few hours in laughter and shared memories. The two have a bond forged by a love of family, film & music, coupled with the unshakeable resolve to create their movie Destination Unknown. Their determination and natural, unmistakable talent is why such an amazing cast and crew have agreed to donate their time and talents to the film. It's why local businesses and residents are opening up their doors and allowing them to film at their locations free of charge, and why Destination Unknown has already been blessed by the generosity and support of their contributors and fans.

While the actors, crew & many locations have offered to lend their time, businesses, homes & talents to Destination Unknown is still raising funds all of which will go towards; obtaining liability insurance, the purchase or rental of specialty props, set & costume pieces, make-up, equipment rental, travel expenses and production costs.

"We appreciate every cent that is donated, and want to thank everyone who has already contributed"

-The Creators of Destination Unknown

If you wish to make a contribution that will support independent filmmaking, the production of the film Destination Unknown and the shared dream of not only Crawford and Steve but also of everyone who has already agreed to join the team, you may do so by clicking the donate button on the top of our page or use the donation section on the bottom of our homepage. Thank you again contributors!

If you want to contribute in other ways, such as; sponsorship, volunteering your time or a possible location, please email admin@destinationunknown.com or call us at 909.353.1301

Destination Unknown begins production in Southern California's, Inland Empire on March 30th, 2019 and will be filming until mid-May. Our Production team is still looking for the following:

  • Locations (Including; mansions, a desert ranch, warehouse)

  • Extras

  • Crew Members (Production Assistants, Script Supervisor, Sound Crew, Props Master)

  • High-end classic & modern cars (parked only, not driven in the film, needed for a single day of shooting)

  • Crafts Service for Production

  • Sponsorship

If you have another way to contribute not listed above please do not hesitate to contact us!

We are grateful for every contribution and show of support. Please share this with everyone you know and sign up for our newsletter so you can be the first to hear of any and all Destination Unknown film news and opportunities.

"Thank you so much to everyone. It is because of your support and contributions that WE ARE MAKING A MOVIE!"

-The Creators of Destination Unknown.

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